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About Us

B&B India is about the devotion to artistic unity and absolute craftsmanship, to excellence and exquisiteness, and that is the essence of modern luxury. As furniture designers working in modern India, we take suggestion and idea from a congregation of artistic influences to create a novelty that is worldwide inflected while happily inhabiting the Indias rich tradition of adornment.
Every B&B India design initiates with an idea that we elaborate and filter through material studies and samples. Our practical approach carries on through the production procedure, which we supervise in on the whole, and setting it up, giving us a unique ability to produce truly exceptional, integrated living conditions. Each of these abilities  in expansion, manufacture and design  is innermost to our mission, procedure and way of thinking.


Take pride exclusivity of manufacturing something out of the world - far tired away from what is usually seen around for the masses - generally founded and essentially so similarly. References of a few of our esteemed clients who have previously experienced our services would bear demonstration to this reality. Business is carried out with an exceptional touch where the support of our expert interior designers can be experienced - both in fortitude and material of your furniture.

Vision & Mission

To stand apart among other luxurious furniture manufacturers through avant-garde designs and innovative furniture solutions with a flawless and synchronized service from start to finish. We travel to go through to study world class custom designs and to have understanding of interior designs as they are prominent and admired in different corners of the globe. Setting new  landmarks in luxurious furniture manufacturing and interior designing industry in India and we are only confronted with world-class leaders in the industry.


B&B India includes a highly creative and team of over 80-100 experienced professionals and staff members in Delhi NCR along with different other major cities of India including Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata and Hyderabad, working round the clock for a common intention to achieve optimum client contentment by providing absolute designing & manufacturing support to the business involved in retail & interiors with around three years of profound understanding in Modular furnitures. Each and every professional or team member is cherry picked and particularly trained. They are zealous about their work, which is obvious itself in our self-motivated fields.


B&B India brings together the labor-intensive skills with the most complicated manufacturing and invention procedures of industry. We at B&B Indian, put emphasis on an extremely developed German engineering & Italian artisanship to create a supreme quality product that is equivalent to any type of  global standards.Our manufacturing  concept is grounded upon research into new resources, practical techniques and inventive solutions. These features represent the complete dedication of a company that wish to sustain its groundbreaking status by always making sure the utmost client satisfaction.

Social & Environment

B&B India works to develop those abilities and techniques, and to put initiatives into practice that take accountability for the citizens and the surrounding. In a broad way, our aim is to invent products that have the infinitesimal impact on the environment as much as possible. We put endless endeavor to make environmental enhancement in the production tactics. Our dream is to have an optimistic impact on citizen of India and the rest of the planet. We are committed to tightfisted with resources and doing our job to create a better routine life for populace around the globe.

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