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B&B India is about the devotion to artistic unity and absolute craftsmanship, to excellence and exquisiteness, and that is the essence of modern luxury. As furniture designers working in modern India, we take suggestion and idea from a congregation of artistic influences to create a novelty that is worldwide inflected while happily inhabiting the Indias rich tradition of adornment.

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by B&B India, Lulu Mall Bangalore & Mantri Square Mall Chennai

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by B&B India, South City Mall Kolkata

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HP World

by B&B India, Ambience Mall Gurgaon

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why B&B India


Ideas & Concept

Ideas are important and need to be shaped & applied in the best way possible. So with the fusion of thoughts, styles & design the perfect concepts


Material & Finishes

B&B India products are functional and made of long-lasting quality materials based on indian climatic conditions and daily habits. We use materials which can be stylishly customized and gives a sign of luxury.


Fittings & Technology

B&B Moduler Kitchens and Wardrobes are Italian & German Engineered Products and are renowned for the Quality.


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